Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Fearless Mentor Williams

Today’s B&O Employee is Fearless Mentor Williams
Born April 20, 1882, his father named him Fearless because he looked him straight in the eyes right after he was born and his father announced that he was “fearless” and that should be his name. His middle name “Mentor” means, “a wise and trusted counselor.” The name did serve this honorable man well. He began has long career with the B&O as a floor porter in the executive office building on September 10, 1906 rising through the ranks to become Porter in Service of the President on June 6, 1916. He was a leader in Baltimore’s African-American community and a trustee of Provident Hospital. Fearless was an industrious man, in his “spare” time he was a president of a real estate company, secretary of a building and loan association and an insurance agent. He was also the Uncle to Thurgood Marshall, first African American Supreme Court Justice. He retired on June 15, 1952 with nearly 46 years of service in with the B&O.

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