Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gary Brukiewa
Chris France
Duncan Keir

May 2015

The B&O Railroad Museum is pleased to recognize the Train Crew who was on duty February 28, 2015
as May's Volunteers of the Month. Recognition is way over do for these volunteers who should be commended for their knowledge and expertise. 

The Train Crew, which included Chris France, Duncan Keir, and Gary Brukiewa, along with car hosts, Jerry Hofkin and Pete Schap, responded in a quick and professional manner in handling the situation that occurred during the first train ride that day. This team was able to get the train ride moving again while keeping visitors informed and entertained during the process. Garry Pace and Steve Montiero, who came in on their day off, helped to get the matter resolved also. We thank them too for their dedication and efforts.

We thank all of these wonderful volunteers for sharing their time, talents, and love of history. We are so fortunate to have all of them on our team. The train can not operate without them!

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