Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Duncan Keir
Dale Schulz
John Jones
Ron Sperling
John Geist
Garry Pace

June 2014 Volunteer of the Month
The B&O Railroad Museum recognizes the April 25, 2014 Day Out With Thomas Train Crew as June's volunteer of the month. This group is deserving of this award because during the first train ride with Thomas the Tank Engine this year there was a problem with the diesel locomotive. The engineer quickly replaced the malfunctioned locomotive while the volunteer crew on board kept visitors informed of the situation and helped keep them entertained. Everyone followed instructions and made an unfortunate incident a good one for our visitors. So gentlemen thank you for sharing your time, talents, kindness, and love for history. Your ability to adapt and be flexible in any situation is greatly appreciated. We are so fortunate to have you on our team. Your dedication is priceless!

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Samantha Noble said...

It's Nice to see Employers show appreciation to their employees, and notice their Great work, it also helps the employees know that their Great work is being noticed, God Bless