Friday, March 28, 2014

The War Came By Train 1864

This year's exhibit includes some rare and unseen artifacts related to the Battle of Monocacy, Mosby's "Greenback Raid" on the B&O, Lincoln's train trip to Baltimore for a charity affair, the design and development of Blockhouses as fortifications for B&O bridges and daring Confederate Johnson-Gilmore Raid through Carroll, Baltimore City and County, Harford, and Montgomery Counties. 

The Battle of Monocacy includes the rare uniform coat of Union Major John Yellot who fought for the Potomac Home Brigade during the engagement. The exhibit also includes a sword, knapsack, and an artillery shell used in the battle.
Enfield Rifled-Musket used in the Battle of Monocacy      

A rare Confederate knife, hand written note and photograph from one of Colonel John Mosby's (nicknamed the "Gray Ghost") Rangers who perpetrated the famous "Greenback Raid" on a B&O train will be showcased.

A scale model of a B&O "Blockhouse" commissioned for the B&O Railroad Museum will help illustrate the first use of these structures as a railroad bridge fortification.
Civil War Blockhouse

Finally the uniform coat of Confederate General Bradley T. Johnson, a knife carried by Confederate partisan ranger Harry Gilmor and a belt worn by a Maryland Confederate will illustrate the dashing raid through the Baltimore area countryside during the summer of 1864. If you live in the Baltimore metropolitan area you might just find out that the War was right outside your door!
General Bradley T. Johnson
Colonel Harry Gilmor
These artifacts have been generously loaned by a number of private collectors and Maryland institutions. They will only be on exhibit at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore from April 12, 2014 - March 2015. Don't miss them!

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