Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2012 Jack Walsh

 The B&O would like to thank and recognize Jack Walsh as the January 2012 Volunteer of the Month. 

Jack joined us in 2009 and has held many positions in the volunteer program. He was Volunteer of the Month in December of 2011 as well. He was selected this month because of his leadership on two projects he started to help beautify the museum and enhance visitor experience. First, he has lead a group of volunteers in lighting up locomotives headlights in both the Roundhouse and the North Car Shop. Many visitors have commented on them and they look especially good at night at our catered events. Second, with the assistance of the facilities department, Jack has cleaned up the parking lot located behind the Car Shops. Years and years of storage and random dumping of supplies left it a mess. Jack has organized, clean, and found many items we didn’t even know where there.

Jack, thank you for sharing your time, talents, kindness, and love for history.   We are so fortunate to have you on our team! We are glad you choose to stay and share your time with us.

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