Monday, June 4, 2012

In the News - June 1862, 150 Years Ago

June 12, 1862
Arrival of confederate Prisoners-The following named Confederate prisoners arrived at Camden Station, from Harpers Ferry, at seven o’clock last evening: Mark White, George W. Barringer, George Barkley, John A. Mannel. James Y. Mannel, Hiram Wentworth, Festus Rutledge, Wm. Ward Craghan, Edward Higgins, John Welch, Roller Waler and Grove Henkle. They were all captured at different times, by forces under General Sigel, in the neighborhood of Winchester-They are members of various Virginia regiments, and are held as prisoners of war-Capt. Wm. R. Patterson, of the Purnell Legion, had them in charge. He conducted them to the City jail, and there delivered them over to the warden, Capt. T.C. James.

June 25, 1862
Ross Winans Jr.-In company with other members of his family. This gentleman has been made the subject of a number of rumors impeaching his loyalty and asserting that he was a “secessionist” a “rebel sympathizer” &c,. He, however, has at last proved himself a Union man up to the hub. Last evening he was married to the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Alderman Munson of this city.

June 30, 1862
New Locomotives-The recent losses of locomotives by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company has rendered it necessary that others should, be at once built to supply as far as possible the deficiency of rolling power on the road. One has already been completed in the shops of the company at Mount Clare, and four or five others are to be built as rapidly as possible. That completed is a beautiful piece of machinery, and contains all the late and valuable improvements. A difficulty is experienced in obtaining good workmen, so many having enlisted or otherwise left the city during the protracted stagnation of mechanical pursuits. As fast as they can be completed they will be put into service, as hereafter it is expected that the whole facilities of the road will be required to accommodate the demands made upon it. About Mount Clare all is now bustle and activity and it is gratifying to again see the extensive works in full operation.

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