Monday, March 12, 2012

Extra! Extra!

Presented here are some noteworthy news articles from the Baltimore Sun in April of 1862

Baltimore Sun on April 21, 1862

CAVALRY PRADES-several companies of the first Maryland Cavalry Regiment, stationed near Mount Clare Depot, made a dress parade on Saturday morning through the street of the city (Baltimore) and attracted much attention. The commander of the regiment is Col. A.G. Miller, of the regular United States army. The command mustered about 500 men.

Baltimore Sun April 24, 1862

DISASTER TO HARPERS FERRY BRIDGE-Three Spans Wash Away-The Repairs Progressing-we regret to announce a disaster to the temporary bridge erected across the Potomac at Harpers Ferry, by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, under the direction of the government. It was rumored in the city on Tuesday evening that the Potomac was very high, and rising. On Tuesday night three of the central spans broke loose and were carried way. At 2 o’clock yesterday morning the water began to subside, and no further damage was apprehended. Preparations were immediately made for ferrying freight and passengers across, and Mr. John L. Wilson, the master of the road, and Mr. Quincy, his assistant, soon had a large force of men employed in the work of replacing the lost spans. This, it was expected, would be accomplished in forty-eight hours from the time of its commencement. The accident will not interrupt materially the large government operations on the road longer than to-day at farthest, should the water continue to fall and the weather prove favorable. In the meantime no interruption of travel between points westward need be apprehended. In a few weeks at most the company will commence the erection over the Ferry of the new iron bridge, which for six months past they have been preparing at their machine works, at Mount Clare, from the plans of Mr. Wendel Bollman. That will then supersede the temporary structure.

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