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B&O Railroad Museum Seeks Civil War Artifacts for Loan

B&O Railroad Museum Seeks Civil War
Artifacts for Loan

In the Spring of 2011, the B&O Railroad Museum will open a major exhibition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. Focused on the personalities, engagements and role of regional railroads (Baltimore & Ohio; Northern Central; Western Maryland; Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore, Cumberland Valley and others) the exhibition will feature the largest assembled collection of Civil War locomotives and rolling stock in the World.

Small artifacts, archival and photographic materials related to specific battles, personalities, locations and military units are sought for a 5-year revolving exhibit that will change for each year of the War.  ALL LOANS WILL BE FOR A PERIOD NOT TO EXCEED 14 MONTHS.

The B&O Railroad Museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. The Museum has announced that noted author and historian Daniel Carroll Toomey will be the Guest Curator for the exhibition.

Loaned objects will be insured for replacement value and cared for at the highest museum standards. Credit (if desired) will be given to the owner of all loaned objects, images and archival material.

On the reverse is a list of categories of 3-dimensional objects sought.  In the case of archival and photographic materials, we seek high resolution digital copies and not original documents or photographs.

For further information or to inquire about loaning objects contact:

Dave Shackelford
Chief Curator
410-752-2462 ext. 215

Thank you for your consideration.

Courtney B. Wilson
Executive Director

Military Units:
6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (30-day regiment 1861)
8th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
1st Connecticut Cavalry
1st Maryland Cavalry
7th New York Regiment
Cook’s Battery (Massachusetts)
6th West Virginia Infantry
8th New York Infantry
10th Maine Infantry
The Patapsco Guard (home defense)
The Railroad Brigade
3rd Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home
Maryland Union Units

12th Virginia Cavalry
5th Virginia Infantry (Virginia Militia)
Maryland Confederate Units


U.S. General Lew Wallace
U.S. General John Wool
U.S. General Benjamin Butler
U.S. General John Dix
U.S. General William B. Franklin
U.S. General Herman Haupt
U.S. Colonel (later General) Daniel Craig McCallum
U.S. General George B. McClellan
U.S. General Dodson Ramseur
U.S. General Robert Rhodes
U.S. General James B. Ricketts
U.S. General William Selby Harney
U.S. General William Rosecrans

C.S. General Jubal Early
C.S. General Bradley T. Johnson
C.S. General William “Grumble” Jones
C.S. General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
C.S. Major (later Colonel) Harry Gilmore
C.S. General John D. Imboden
C.S. General Lewis Armistead
C.S. Colonel James H. Lane
C.S. General John McClausland
C.S. Colonel Thomas R. Sharpe
C.S. General Kenton Harper
C.S. General Joseph E. Johnston
C.S. General J.E.B. Stuart

John Work Garrett, Pres. B&O Railroad
Ross Winans (Baltimore)
Charles Dickinson (inventor of steam gun)
William Prescott Smith, B&O Railroad
Allan Pinkerton


Pratt Street Riot-Baltimore
Relay, Maryland (Thomas Viaduct)
Capture of Winans/Dickinson Steam Gun
Battle of Monocacy (Maryland)
Battle of Chickamauga (Tennessee)
Lincoln’s inauguration train trip
Lincoln’s funeral train
Johnson/Gilmore Raid into Maryland
Raid against Martinsburg, VA
Jones/O’Neill raid, Oakland, MD
1864 Sanitary Fair, Baltimore
U.S. Military Railroads
Grand Review May 23-24, 1865 in Washington D.C.

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